Reading List

Since this is supposed to be a blog about reading and books in general, one must have a list of books that they wish to read. In many ways, my list(s) are virtually impossible to finish in the short amount of time I’ve been granted. But, I’ll do my best to try! In efforts to compile my list, I’ll pick the top 5 or so to read every month. Trying to pick from my list is sort of a tedious task since there are over two hundred books on my list. This month, I will finish Modern Ghost Stories By Modern Women compiled by Richard Dalby and I also still need to finish She’s All That by Kristin Billerbeck. After I read those and write about them, I will start Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. This author has always intrigued me by his seeminly-random dialogue (which actually makes sense if you Google it) and his seemingly-ONE MILLION CHAPTERS that make up his surprisingly small books. I have read Slaughterhouse-Five which to this day, still confuses me, and so I want to read some, if not all, of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel just so I can get a small hint of his style. For example, F. Scott Fitzgerald has a flowy way of writing, where his characters float and their dialogue blends together. Not saying this is a bad thing, because I love his work, but sometimes it gets hard to follow. His short stories become easier to understand with their small volume, however. In Slaughterhouse-Five you really do get the impression of frenzy and trauma that Billy Pilgrim has, just by the way he acts and what he says. The picture of war that is painted is one that is probably true, or at least to those who have never experienced it. You feel the stress he felt in Dresden during the bombings by the way Vonnegut shapes his words, which may seem to some as confusing and jumbled, but if you take the time to analyze, really bring out the story. I’m excited to read this next book and post about it!


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