The Age of Distraction

We are in the age of distraction. Long ago are the days of sitting contentedly with your family around the fire listening to a radio show, or reading your favorite book in one sitting. Everything and anything is vying for our attention nowadays and its becoming harder to pull away from it all. Now I’m not just saying this because I’m experiencing a lack of motivation to do my homework so I’ve resorted to eating chips and guacamole and reading blogs. It’s just something I have stumbled across. And the worst part is, we want to be distracted. We find new things to distract us, whether it be social media (which it mostly is) or any of the limitless things you can do on the gloriousness that is the internet. I hate the feeling of being distracted, I feel out of tune with my surroundings and it gets to be almost uncontrollable. All I’m saying is, we need to tune out of distraction and tune into focus. We need to focus on the people around us or the tasks at hand, and we need to stop getting distracted by the newest thing out there because its going to change our lives, because NEWSFLASH-it’s not. Lack of motivation leads to distractedness which in turn leads to nothing getting done whatsoever. I’m experiencing this firsthand at the moment. I’m even distracting you right now, I have you on my blog thinking I’m going to be talking about books when really, I’m just rambling about my life. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m allowed to deviate once in a while. So if you take anything away from this, let it be that you need to start tuning into life and tuning out distractions that make it so hard to focus in a world that is teeming with them.


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