She’s All That (Part Two)

Oh Kristin Billerbeck, this novel is just too cliché for words, unless there’s some cliché that could be used to describe it. What you have written for me to read is like something (or many things) I’ve read before. In the second half of She’s All That, our main character Lilly Jacobs, is torn between three men: Nate, her neighbor that kissed her by surprise and then completely friend zoned her afterwords, Stuart, the dashingly charming Brit that she met at a church meeting, and Max, her grandmother’s helper, who watches TV for a living. This story is full of redundancy, from Lilly’s obsession Lysol to the stench of Nate’s dog’s infected ear. We get the point!! End rant. In all seriousness, this book is entirely lackadaisical. There could of been so many aspects to the story that if worked on, could have flourished but I read this book feeling relieved to put it down every time I had to take a break. Nothing got me excited, like a book should, nothing toyed with my emotions. Lilly does end up getting her fashion business up and running but with Morgan’s fiancé dying and fashion week to prepare for, she is pressed for time. This all happens in less than a week which makes the ending feel very rushed. Morgan ends up running away during the middle if the fashion show with her ‘long-lost’ love, Andy. Lilly ends up with Max, who loves her crazy hair just the way it is, and probably her obsession with Lysol, too. Overall, not my favorite book. It was too cliché and it was one of those stories you’ve read a million times. However, I would recommend this book to those who like stories that are similar to this one.


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