Reading Style

I have always been an avid reader. From the time I first started to read, I devoured every little word I could find. Reading for me hasn’t really been about getting away and getting sucked into a story; it’s more like a competition with myself to see how much I can do and how I can do it in the least amount of time. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story that leaves me breathless in the end. But I have never gotten really into a story to the point where I lost all track of time and inhibitions. Some of you out there are like that, and that’s great! I envy you. I also have horrible reading comprehension. Ask me about a book that I read two weeks ago and I will be at a loss for words. I have a great memory for numbers or random things like what side of a page a quote was on. I really only remember my favorite books. I had been alright with this little glitch in my memory until recently. That’s what I like about having this blog, I can look back on it someday on all the great books I read. I’ve tried ways to improve my lack of comprehension by reading slower (I am a notorious speed-reader) and lately I have been thinking about having a notebook that I use specifically for when I read. I could write down important points, quotes, factual information, or questions I have. I feel that when I’m old this would be a sort of diary for me-to look back and see what I was interested in at the time and how I have changed over the years. When I read, I have a system. First I choose a book from my seemingly endless list. Then I read it. Usually, especially if it’s a classic, I will get very confused and have no idea what it is talking about. This really bothers me so I go back and reread parts that I don’t understand. This is time-consuming and frustrating to me. After I read the book, and if I’m still confused, I read the synopsis of the book on Wikipedia. Some may think this is completely wrong and that I’ve cheated myself out of the experience of reading. I think its more enriching because it is a complete description of the novel in layman’s terms. I can remember parts of the book that were not so easy to understand and connect them to what I read on Wikipedia, making the book much less complicated. Also, if available, I watch the movie adaptation to the book. This is sometimes difficult because of schoolwork and my job that take up most of my schedule. But when I have a free chance, I try to find a movie on YouTube or Netflix. Seeing a novel acted out puts my mind completely at ease because I am such a visual learner. This is also the reason why I don’t listen to audiobooks but I’m thinking of trying it sometime soon. Tons of books have been turned into movies so it is not too hard to find a match. However, I solemnly vow to never watch the movie before I read the book.

How do you remember something you read? Do you have a system like I do or do you just wing it? Please please please comment! I would like to know so I can further improve my comprehension and learn some things from all of you! Happy reading.


3 thoughts on “Reading Style”

  1. Well, I’m only an avid reader if the book grabs me. The interesting thing about your post is, that you are probably not the only one struggling to understand sections in books. I think it’s great that you use any tool available to try to grasp it. My issue in general is that ideas sprout like crazy if I’m reading something interesting and I get easily distracted (haha I start daydreaming, literally). My latest solution to that: I turn on the reading aloud in my computer or pad so I listen to an electronic voice while follow the text. Since I’m bilingual, I also have a dictionary handy and I added the blog feature to it.
    I’m a visual, kinetic and audio learner… usually I can recall things pretty well my issue is names… so I have no trouble explaining the message, but when it comes to the writer…that’s another story.
    Apparently, if you take the time to with something and do a few different things (like repeating the name, or writing the name) you have better chances of remembering (but who has the time?)

    1. Wow thank you so much for your reply! Listening to the text while following along sounds like a really good idea, I will have to try this when the opportunity arises. I just have to understand the whole book and then my life feels a little more complete. Thanks again, enjoy your reading! 🙂

  2. When you were a little girl you would sit and look at books everyday and we also read to you every night before bed. We could tell it was going to be something you loved when you got older. You are constantly reading one or have one with you at all times. Im glad you love to read! Good job on this blog!!

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