Notes on Notes

Keeping organized is how I take control of my life. Some people don’t eat or have OCD tendencies in order to take control. Me? I remind myself. I remind myself of the little things like inspirational quotes, books I need to read, or songs I need to listen to. When I take notes, I remember things easier. In my daily homework agenda, I have to write every single thing down that I need to remember or else I won’t. That’s just inevitable. Notes are how I keep organized and keeping organized is how I keep my life under control. Isn’t it easy?! Well, sometimes it can be difficult. If I’m taking notes in class or from a textbook, I am sometimes not for sure what is important and what is necessary to write down. Every high school and college student probably stumbles across this problem. However, I do feel that I’ve improved in my note-taking when it comes to something school-related.

Now if you’re wondering why I’m talking about note-taking on a blog about reading, I have the answer for you. If you remember from my post about reading comprehension, I said in order to improve remembering the content of what I read, I would start taking notes. I have started doing this and I’ve found that it actually really helps! For my post on the book, Schindler’s List, I used my first reading notes ever and it improved the content of my post. I didn’t have to go back to the book to look for things that I wanted to talk about or pull something out of my head. It is also a great resource to look back on what I read when I’m older and see if I took any of the lessons from those books to heart.

I know this post isn’t exactly what I normally do but I just thought it would be good to get out because this process might help others as well. How do you keep your life organized?


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