No Time

Lately, I have had no free time to do anything. Between school, homework, and my job, I rarely get a moment to just breathe (or when I do, I should probably be doing something else). For example, my reading material for the past few weeks has been this (and not by choice):


Looks thrilling, right? Wrong. My blog posts, if you haven’t noticed, have downright sucked. I feel that they’re not that creative and the spark isn’t there. Hopefully things will calm down and I will have the time to make my blog posts better overall. I literally almost didn’t have time to make this post, so be happy! My four AP classes keep me busy with homework until around 10 o’clock each night. My job keeps me busy on the weekends, with a shift every night. This leaves little time for homework on the weekends. If I find time to do it, it leaves little time for friends and hanging out. I have actually had to make some tough decisions because of how busy I am and it has really effected my life. I just wish I had time to do the things I want to do. Like, I’m taking the ACT in 8 days. 8 days!! I have read half of that book pictured and I haven’t really glanced at the practice test that I have. However, it doesn’t look extremely difficult and I can always take it again which is a plus. So, I apologize if you were thinking of reading my blog tonight looking for an intellectual post about my latest read and you came across this whiny post but I felt like I just needed to get this out there. Hopefully, my posts will get better (for the sake of your sanity) and even more, I hope that my schedule slows down enough to take a breath.


TFioS Trailer

 So if you have read my blog at all, you know by now that I am a big fan of everything by John Green. I am a proud Nerdfighter, and I can honestly say The Fault in Our Stars is one of the most amazing pieces of literature that I have ever laid my eyes on. And that’s saying a lot. Since I finished Mockingjay, the third and final book in the Hunger Games series, I decided I would reread An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, which I will be blogging about later on in the week. All anyone on Twitter has been talking about recently is the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, the movie adaptation of the book which comes out June 6th of this year (this is where working at a movie theater really pays off). Hazel Lancaster will be played by Shailene Woodley and Augustus Waters will be played by Ansel Elgort. Personally, I didn’t particularly like Woodley being cast to play the leading lady but hopefully it all works well in the end. The trailer was definitely a tear-jerker, like if you didn’t feel one ounce of emotion while watching it, you need serious help. It seems to follow the book pretty well, but I will probably read it again just to refresh myself before seeing the movie (if I don’t end up bawling through the whole thing). The trailer came out yesterday and it already has over 4,000,000 views so a lot of people are anticipating this movie. Throughout the last year, John Green has been posting things on Twitter and Tumblr about his involvement of the production of the movie and it seems like he had his say in a lot of it, but he seems pretty giddy that his book is being made into a movie, and I can’t blame him for it. Kudos to John Green and all the fabulous people who decided to make this astounding novel a movie. I will anxiously wait until June, but until then I’ll just read some more. What did you think of the trailer?

But There are Much Worse Games to Play

Recently, I saw the second movie of the Hunger Games series called Catching Fire (like I’ve said before, working at a movie theater has it’s perks.) After I watched it, I realized that soon the next movie would be coming out and I had completely forgotten what happened in the third book. This prompted me to find one of my friends who had the book to borrow it from them so I could refresh my memory for the upcoming movie. This last installment of the series, Mockingjay, is the story of the rebellion of the people of Panem against the Capitol and how Katniss Everdeen leads this rebellion. To me, the story went very quickly and honestly, some parts confused me because I feel like they popped out of no where. In particular, there were a lot of parts in the book where Katniss is hallucinating or just imagining things so it’s hard to keep track of reality. All of the action was sometimes hard for my mind to follow, but this happens often for me when reading. There were also a lot of characters that were hard to keep track of. Some important characters were killed off for no apparent reason, in the most uneventful ways. Personally, I didn’t go all crazy fangirl for the series when it came out. I did obviously read it and I think it’s a great series but it’s not something I dedicate my heart and soul to. What I love about the last book is that people started comparing it to our way of government in America and how people would react if it got out of hand. It’s interesting to see what people take away from books, no matter how extreme. Another thing I liked was the semi-cheesy romantic ending that tied the story together and kind of completed some unanswered questions. However, the writing and diction was perfect for it and that is what made it semi-cheesy. The movie for Mockingjay will be split into two parts. I don’t really understand why since it is about the same size as the previous books in the series, most likely its just for marketing purposes, something I talked about in a previous post. I am excited to see how they adapt the final installment of the series into a movie, since there is so much action and chaos going on. I feel that the movie will help me understand the book because it’s something I can visually see and it will all come together. What did you think of the Hunger Games series?


This is sort of on topic of my blog, so don’t freak out. I just have lately been seeing a lot of tweets and tumblr posts about school and how people dread it and all kinds of things along those lines. Generally, school these days is not on top of everyone’s list of priorities. Experiencing school on a personal level, I can vouch that most students, frankly, hate school. I’m one of those weird kids that enjoys school and gets weird looks when I tell people that. However, I can see more and more reasons why students have such an extreme dislike for the thing that we spend our childhood doing. One reason students say they hate school is that they aren’t learning anything, and when they do, it isn’t valuable to them in the real world. I for one, can see this. I’m in my junior year of high school, and I know I want to be a history teacher. This has made me become more observant and scrutinizing towards teachers and now I can see what these students feel. Teachers these days seem to be presenting students with the basics and then expecting them to figure out how to create something out of it on their own. This is difficult for students like me who need outlines, motivations, and organizations to excel to their student potential. For example, in one of my classes, the teacher is always having us create concept maps to connect topics and find similarities or differences. This may have worked for this teacher in school, but not for me. I spend more time worrying about how I am going to organize the concept map than worrying about what I would put on it. This doesn’t help me in my learning and I have a tough time in this class, even though it is one of my favorite subjects. In another class, the teacher just gives us worksheets with rules and guidelines and then wants us to do the homework pertaining to those. This is, in my opinion, lazy teaching. Explaining the expected material thoroughly would help me and my classmates tremendously. These are just my personal experiences with how teaching nowadays has taken a turn, and most would say for the worse. Students also feel that they don’t have time to do any of the things teachers expect from them. Lets say you get home at 3:00 and each teacher expects homework in their class will take around 1 to 2 hours. With six classes, this would take you until the late hours of the night! Students actually do need supper and a decent amount of sleep. I get up around 6:00 everyday and next term I will have to take an early bird gym class because it is required by the state, and it starts at 7:00. Logically, this is not enough time to feel well rested and ready to learn and I believe that’s why students are never up to the challenge that school brings for them everyday. It is just too much. Add being a teenager into the mix doesn’t help. What I’m trying to say is, we might need to rethink how education is done here and see how much that benefits our lives when it is done in a healthy and sustainable way. What do you think about the modern education system that we have today?


Should authors have cliffhangers? Now I know this is a silly question but don’t you just hate when you really get into a book and you’re nearing the end when suddenly your favorite character is maybe literally hanging from the edge of a cliff and there are only a few paragraphs of the book left? That’s when you know you’re pretty much going to be investing your life into this book series and there is no turning back. Cliffhangers just make me really angry. I read books to finish them, that is just a fact and part of the process of my reading. I don’t really read to escape reality because I can pop in and out of a book in a matter of seconds. I don’t read to discover new things about life and think in a different way, even though that’s what usually ends up happening. So by books having cliffhangers really harshes my reading mellow. I feel like authors only make cliffhangers because it is another marketing gimmick or their editors wanted them to continue a series. Don’t get me wrong, usually the author does want to continue a series, but all good series must come to a close (even though I would’ve loved an eighth Harry Potter book, I understand and I love where it ended). However, if authors are just making books end in cliffhangers for monetary reasons, you lose the creative spark of the author and maybe even some respect. Authors should be making books for their enjoyment, the entertainment of others should come second. I guess that’s another theme of this post: Do what you love, no matter what, and don’t give a crap about what others think. If you love it, you will be happy, and being happy is the best drug in the world. (I really feel like I should’ve ended this post with a cliffhanger but I’m not feeling very creative.)

Split Movies

Lately it seems that a lot of movies that are based on books are usually split into two parts. Take the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games, and Twilight for example: every last movie in those franchises was split into two parts. This is mostly done because the books are so long and important that they need all the content. However, it is probably a marketing gimmick as well. To make a series last longer and to gain more profit on it, splitting a movie into two parts seems ideal. You get the best of both worlds: a fandom lasts a little longer and people make money. For some reason, the split movies make my mom angry. I find this kind of funny, though. Personally, I like when movies are split up because it gives me more to look forward to, even if I have to wait a while. For example, I am reading the third book in the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay. The movie comes out this year on November 21st. However, this is only the first part of the movie adaptation and the second part will probably come out sometime next year. I guess this does give people time who haven’t read the books to catch up, though. This gets me to thinking about other movies like this; Gone With the Wind is a movie I have on DVD and it is split into two parts just because of the tremendous length of the feature. This is how it would’ve been played in theaters in 1939 as well, with an intermission in the middle. Titanic, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, isn’t based on a book but it is also one of those really long movies that didn’t fit on the tape so it had to be split into two parts. I believe the Divergent series will be this way. Even though I’ve only read one of the books, I think that the last one will probably be split into two parts for entertainment and monetary reasons. Do you think movies based on books should be split into two parts?

I’ve Been Accepted Into the Warm Embrace of the Internet

Today has been a good day; my mom made chili which I just realized is really awesome. I’m deviating from my main topic of my blog, which always makes me feel like a rebel. Oh, and I’ve been nominated for an award (I guess you could call this my acceptance speech). Thanks to I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! (If someone knows how to put this on my blog page please comment). The Liebster Award is usually given out to new bloggers so I’d like to call it the Hospitality Award. It is recommended that I pass it on to other bloggers, but due to the nature of my blogging and time constraints I most likely won’t. So sorry in advance. I have been given questions to answer, as is part of the acceptance of the award, so here we go:

1. If you could only read one book this year what book would it be and why?

Oh my goodness, why would you do this to me?! You’ve seen my list!! Oh, this is so difficult, I’m buckling under the pressure… I will probably stick with my comfort book, Gone With the Wind, only because it’s very long and full of so many wonderful things.

2. What super power would you want to have most?

The power to read and comprehend every book on my list in a tremendously short amount of time.

3. Why do you write?

This whole blog is actually a school project. In my AP Language and Composition class, our year-long homework assignment was to blog about a topic that really interested you. Obviously I chose reading. We have to post three times a week, 300 words or more. Y’all better be happy that I’m making this post because I get really freaked out when I go off topic or schedule. Most people will toss their blogs aside at the end of the year but I plan to keep going and maybe even change up the format of my blog. Writing is something I’m become really interested in and I want to take that and see where it goes.

4. e-book or real book?

Is this even a relevant question? Read my answer in this post.

5. Do you edit while your write or after the fact?

I don’t really edit in general, I guess. I just go with it and fix the typos as I go (and there are a lot of them). Once I post something, I don’t look back.

6. What book did you hate the first time you read it but loved it maybe after a second or third read?

I don’t think this has really ever happened to me. If I don’t like a book, I probably won’t read it again. Even if I love a book, it takes a lot for me to read it again. I don’t know why I’m like this, maybe because there are so many books out there to read and I want to focus on those.

7. When did you decide to become a writer?

Like I said in #3, this originally was a school assignment. But, after reading other blogs and reading a lot more books, I’ve discovered that life is really interesting and great. After this school year, I plan on writing about more of what’s on my mind, however I’ll still do book reviews (gotta finish that list!)

8. How do you overcome writers block?

Watch some Hulu, procrastinate (A LOT), do homework. I take notes on my reading now so writer’s block is few and far between. I usually always have a gameplan for my post before I write it.

9. Movie or book?  Whats one story Hollywood turned into a movie where you preferred the movie to the book?

This I really can’t decide. I love books, always will, but I love seeing a book visually because I am a visual learner. And to answer the other part of this question, I don’t think this has ever happened to me. I have had it happen where I see a movie, not realizing it was a book and then kicking myself for not finding out sooner.

10. What would be your quote to live life by?  You only get one.

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinites.” -John Green

Thanks again to mementomori07 for nominating me for this! Maybe when I have some extra time, I will get around to nominating those deserving blogs for the Liebster Award.