Divergent (Part Two)

Continuing from my previous post on the first installment of this series, Divergent definitely left me wanting more. The main character, Beatrice, or known as Tris later on, switched her factions from Abnegation to Dauntless. In the society that the reader soon figures out is based in Chicago, the five factions basically rule your life. A repeating mantra throughout the book is “factions before blood.” The Dauntless recruits go through initiation and are ranked according to their skills and development during the trials they are up against. During the novel, a romance ensues with Tris and one of the instructors, Four. The last phase of initiation is the fear landscape, where the initiates are required to face everything they fear in a simulation. Meanwhile, another faction called the Erudites, the faction of Tris’ brother, is planning war against her home faction of Abnegation. To be honest, following all of the factions and the relationships between them got a little confusing during the course of reading this book, but that is nothing a little Wikipedia can’t fix. The entirety of the Dauntless members are turned into sleepwalking murderers the night after the evaluations after the last test, overrunning the Abnegation compound and killing anyone in sight. Because Tris and Tobias are divergent, the serum that the Erudites used on the Dauntless to make them become killers without even knowing it. However, the leader of the Erudites, Jeanine, has figured out how to create a serum that works on divergents as well and injects Tobias with it making him the controller of the simulation. In the end, through the sacrifice of her parents, Tris saves Tobias from his trancelike state and the Dauntless refugees escape to the Amity compound where they hope they will be accepted. However, I believe as Tris does, that this is not the end of the conflict between the factions in this series.

This book can actually be comparable to the Hunger Games in many ways, the most obvious being that it’s a trilogy. I really did enjoy this book, and while I don’t feel as invested in it as other fandoms that I’m involved with (ahemDoctorWhoahem) I will finish the other two books and watch the movies. Have you read Divergent? What did you think about it?