On Obtaining Books

When it comes to being an intense book blogger, or just an avid reader, you have to have sources that you can trust to provide the books you want to read. Most try their local library but sometimes even that doesn’t have what’s on our lists. So what’s a bibliophile to do? Well, we have resources. Other than the library, we can borrow from friends, buy books at Barnes and Noble, and my personal favorite- iBooks. However, I’m the kind of person that only buys books I’ve read before and know I’ll read again. I also have a lot of trouble reading on my phone. I want to check Twitter every five seconds and it just feels better holding an actual book. There actually are a lot of books you can get for free on iBooks, especially if you are a fan of the classics, all of which are usually free. Some people use Kindles or Nooks to get books but from previous posts, you can already tell I’m not a fan of those either. Personally, I think if you’re already paying a large sum of money for a virtual library, some of the books (if not all) should be free. But that’s just me and I’m not really up on my research with tablets used for reading. In order to accomplish a large list of must-reads, readers like me have to have resources. It’s like a life necessity. Air, water, shelter, ways to get books. I want to find more ways to get the books I want. If you know of any websites or places that have the books on my list, let me know! I would love to have that sense of security knowing I have those books available to me. How do you obtain your books to read and finish your lists? Or do people even have lists nowadays? Happy reading.


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