Buying Books

When you enter a Barnes and Noble bookstore, the feeling you get is relaxing and soothing. Surrounded by all those words, ready to sweep you in and fall in love with fictional characters that you will end up laughing and crying over (or both at the same time). Some people love getting Barnes and Noble gift cards and spending them on all kinds of new reading materials. However, there are people like me who are very picky and particular about the books they purchase. For example, I can probably count on maybe two hands the number of books I’ve actually bought myself; the rest were given to me or just for free. I only buy books that I’ve read, and they have to be really good ones, like Gone With the Wind. Most of the books I read are from the library or borrowed from friends, never usually from a bookstore. I like testing out a book to make sure it’s a good fit for me before making a purchase. Honestly, I go into our Barnes and Noble more for the Starbucks than the books because I already know I’m not going to buy any. I think I do this because I want to know if my investment is going to be worthwhile. I would hate to buy a book and end up not liking it, that would be a waste of money. However, sometimes I deviate from my routine, go out on a limb, and buy a book I’ve never read. Recently, I bought Les Miserables and I’m hoping that it’s more than one thousand pages are going to keep me enthralled and entertained during the summer (have you seen Les Mis? If books were made of bricks, you could build a hurricane-proof house with copies of it). Do you purchase books you haven’t read before or do you read and then buy?


One thought on “Buying Books”

  1. I never leave Barnes and Noble without a book, but I usually just get new books over break or during the summer so I’ll get like 5 at once. I’m picky about it too; I want to reread the books later so I make sure they’re a keeper first and start out by borrowing them from a friend or from the library. I also had my grandpa make me a big bookshelf for Christmas one year to hold all of my books!

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