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Handwriting is one of those things that makes a person completely unique. Everyone’s is different and special. However, in the age of technology, we could be losing aspects of ourselves that define who we are. Handwriting has historically been a sign of gender, patience, and even occupation. Boys are notorious for having illegible handwriting, whereas girls are known for perfect penmanship (but not all of us put hearts instead of dots on our “i’s”). However, some people cross these boundaries, because I have seen some guys have beautiful, fully readable handwriting. If you have the time, your handwriting will be nice and neat; however, if you are rushed, the words are all slurred together and hard to read. Doctors are big names when it comes to illegible writing: everyone has made a joke to their friend with the bad handwriting that they should look into the medical field. Along with that note, signatures are unique and important and there are many ways to make it your own, especially through cursive. I remember when we were learning cursive in third grade and we were told that that’s all we would use during high school (which ended up being a total lie). When writing essays, handwriting can make or break your grade. If the teacher can’t read it, they probably won’t give you an A+, even if it is what you deserve. For some reason, every year I like to switch up the way I write my letters. In previous years I would write an “a” how it looks when typed, but now I write it without the top hook. My “g” never looked how it was typed (I don’t think anyone does that) and now the way it looks reminds me of graffiti. The way I write makes my handwriting exclusive, something I can call all my own. With the introduction of computers and cell phones, we have a universal, electronic handwriting. Sure, you can choose different, snazzy fonts that add character, but nothing like handwriting on notebook paper does. I fear that someday, future generations will only use keyboards to write, losing the ability to pick up a pencil and develop a handwriting that makes them individual from the rest. To me, this will be a sad day. I know people that can no longer read cursive, when will come the day where they can’t read handwriting because they are used to text on a computer screen? Personally, I think more essays should be written rather than typed. It adds character and incorporates the personality of the author. You can tell a lot about a person by their handwriting, and hopefully we won’t reach a time where we can’t write anymore.


The Soul of a Man Under Socialism

The ideas of socialism contained the blue prints for a so-called perfect society, or a utopia. Socialism is based on the simple idea of sharing: share what you have with the community and you will benefit. This societal structure was coined in the 1800s by Charles Fourier and Robert Owen who actually planned model communities based on their blueprint of socialism. Basically, labor is a big part of the socialist community. Everyone needs to contribute their talents and skills to the greater good of the people. Everybody supports everybody in this type of society. When the idea of socialism came across Karl Marx, he switched up some of the important aspects of the original plan and came up with communism. At first, communism had two basic groups, the capitalists, or the people who controlled the means of production, and the proletariats, or the wageworkers who made up most of society. So really in a way, communism is a twisted version of socialism that got blown out of proportion when people like Lenin and Stalin controlled and dictated the Soviet Union, causing many deaths and hard times. Doesn’t really sound like a utopia, does it?

If you have ever read The Soul of a Man Under Socialism you will understand that Oscar Wilde REALLY HATES SOCIALISM. He argues that socialism is next to communism and it is too rigid of a lifestyle. Wilde says beauty is lost with socialism and critics who follow socialism are harsher and not as open to new things. Being a Protestant, baptized Catholic, Oscar Wilde states that Jesus Christ was far from being socialist, the socialist mantra being, “Know thyself!”, whereas Jesus and everyone else who is not a socialist mantra being, “Be thyself!” Socialists criticize new art when they see it and find it terrible to look at, asking why the artist doesn’t paint like another, but if the artist did that they wouldn’t be able to call themselves an artist and their work would be unoriginal. Socialism also isn’t a friend of marriage, family, and property owners. First, it makes property cumulative, with everyone sharing it, kind of like communism. Therefore, individualism which is brought on by socialism ruins marriage and family life. France, a non-socialist nation is seen by Wilde as a more proper nation by the way they keep things discrete. Socialism puts things out there for everyone to see because it is a collective society. Wilde sees socialism as a revolution which is seen as vulgar to him. Wilde believes more in the concept of individualism, where no one can have a big ego and no one will be selfish. He sees the world as a happier place when the individual believes in themselves. Personally, I agree with this: you can’t be happy with others until you are happy with yourself.