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Should authors have cliffhangers? Now I know this is a silly question but don’t you just hate when you really get into a book and you’re nearing the end when suddenly your favorite character is maybe literally hanging from the edge of a cliff and there are only a few paragraphs of the book left? That’s when you know you’re pretty much going to be investing your life into this book series and there is no turning back. Cliffhangers just make me really angry. I read books to finish them, that is just a fact and part of the process of my reading. I don’t really read to escape reality because I can pop in and out of a book in a matter of seconds. I don’t read to discover new things about life and think in a different way, even though that’s what usually ends up happening. So by books having cliffhangers really harshes my reading mellow. I feel like authors only make cliffhangers because it is another marketing gimmick or their editors wanted them to continue a series. Don’t get me wrong, usually the author does want to continue a series, but all good series must come to a close (even though I would’ve loved an eighth Harry Potter book, I understand and I love where it ended). However, if authors are just making books end in cliffhangers for monetary reasons, you lose the creative spark of the author and maybe even some respect. Authors should be making books for their enjoyment, the entertainment of others should come second. I guess that’s another theme of this post: Do what you love, no matter what, and don’t give a crap about what others think. If you love it, you will be happy, and being happy is the best drug in the world. (I really feel like I should’ve ended this post with a cliffhanger but I’m not feeling very creative.)