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Celebrity Autobiographies

This is a topic I feel that we as a society need to address: why does every celebrity think they need to write an autobiography about their childhood and their rise to fame? Like, I know you’re famous and you must have a fan-base if you are taking the time to write a book about your life, but sometimes it’s just not necessary. Half of the people that write them are ones I’ve never even heard of. It’s like it’s trendy to do among the celebrities or something. Most of the autobiographies being written now are either by dubbing actors and actresses who are barely out of high school or old ones that no one remembers or cares about anymore. Examples are Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Vanilla Ice. These people are still very young and have a lot of life ahead of them so for them to write a memoir when they did is kind of ridiculous. Also, some celebrities write autobiographical sequels, as if their life story was too much to fit in one book. Maybe it is a marketing gimmick so they can make more money, not like they need to. Whatever the case, I’m sure there are celebrity autobiographies that would be better to read. People who have lived a long time and are well-known figures in society or have done good things, people like Michael J. Fox or Malala Yousafzai. Others like Tina Fey and Oprah Winfrey would probably be pretty interesting as well. There are also well known classic writers that have written autobiographies like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Virginia Woolf. These are the autobiographies would should be reading and supporting. I think we will continue to see autobiographies written by undeserving famous people but we will probably continue to read them. Our society is centered around fame and it’s not something we can easily give up.