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I’ve Been Accepted Into the Warm Embrace of the Internet

Today has been a good day; my mom made chili which I just realized is really awesome. I’m deviating from my main topic of my blog, which always makes me feel like a rebel. Oh, and I’ve been nominated for an award (I guess you could call this my acceptance speech). Thanks to http://mementomori07.wordpress.com/ I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! (If someone knows how to put this on my blog page please comment). The Liebster Award is usually given out to new bloggers so I’d like to call it the Hospitality Award. It is recommended that I pass it on to other bloggers, but due to the nature of my blogging and time constraints I most likely won’t. So sorry in advance. I have been given questions to answer, as is part of the acceptance of the award, so here we go:

1. If you could only read one book this year what book would it be and why?

Oh my goodness, why would you do this to me?! You’ve seen my list!! Oh, this is so difficult, I’m buckling under the pressure… I will probably stick with my comfort book, Gone With the Wind, only because it’s very long and full of so many wonderful things.

2. What super power would you want to have most?

The power to read and comprehend every book on my list in a tremendously short amount of time.

3. Why do you write?

This whole blog is actually a school project. In my AP Language and Composition class, our year-long homework assignment was to blog about a topic that really interested you. Obviously I chose reading. We have to post three times a week, 300 words or more. Y’all better be happy that I’m making this post because I get really freaked out when I go off topic or schedule. Most people will toss their blogs aside at the end of the year but I plan to keep going and maybe even change up the format of my blog. Writing is something I’m become really interested in and I want to take that and see where it goes.

4. e-book or real book?

Is this even a relevant question? Read my answer in this post.

5. Do you edit while your write or after the fact?

I don’t really edit in general, I guess. I just go with it and fix the typos as I go (and there are a lot of them). Once I post something, I don’t look back.

6. What book did you hate the first time you read it but loved it maybe after a second or third read?

I don’t think this has really ever happened to me. If I don’t like a book, I probably won’t read it again. Even if I love a book, it takes a lot for me to read it again. I don’t know why I’m like this, maybe because there are so many books out there to read and I want to focus on those.

7. When did you decide to become a writer?

Like I said in #3, this originally was a school assignment. But, after reading other blogs and reading a lot more books, I’ve discovered that life is really interesting and great. After this school year, I plan on writing about more of what’s on my mind, however I’ll still do book reviews (gotta finish that list!)

8. How do you overcome writers block?

Watch some Hulu, procrastinate (A LOT), do homework. I take notes on my reading now so writer’s block is few and far between. I usually always have a gameplan for my post before I write it.

9. Movie or book?  Whats one story Hollywood turned into a movie where you preferred the movie to the book?

This I really can’t decide. I love books, always will, but I love seeing a book visually because I am a visual learner. And to answer the other part of this question, I don’t think this has ever happened to me. I have had it happen where I see a movie, not realizing it was a book and then kicking myself for not finding out sooner.

10. What would be your quote to live life by?  You only get one.

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinites.” -John Green

Thanks again to mementomori07 for nominating me for this! Maybe when I have some extra time, I will get around to nominating those deserving blogs for the Liebster Award.